Dr. Martens is focused on delivering sustainable and profitable growth to drive long-term value for the brand and its shareholders.

We believe in being brand custodians, focused on protecting and enhancing the brand and the business for future generations.

The business aims to deliver its growth plan by continuing to execute its tried and tested DOCS strategy.

Our purpose is to empower rebellious self-expression

Our responsibility is to act as brand custodians always focusing on long-term value.

Our drivers

Democratic brand Growing our consumer base by harnessing the brands’ diverse and inclusive global appeal.

True to our heritage Underpinning trends whilst remaining relevant to youth culture and modern day tribes.

Iconic product Expanding our product offering through style and category variations of our iconic originals.

A global approach Globally consistent and locally relevant to our consumers in every market.

We aim to build brand equity and drive margin expansion.

This pillar includes increasing the number of own stores and expanding our own digital platforms, developing our omnichannel capabilities and building a profitable resale, repair and end of life business model.

We are investing in and improving our organisation, operations and IT to enable growth and unlock value.

This includes driving our culture with a focus on engagement and people development, building a best in class, scalable supply chain, and continuing to transform technology into a key business enabler.

Here we are focused on acquiring new consumers and driving loyalty.

We aim to inspire Rebellious Self Expression, ground product innovation in icons and year-round consumer relevance, lead in sustainability through our product durability and innovation, and harness insights to drive cut-through marketing initiatives.

We have focused this pillar on our B2B business, which is made up of wholesale and distributors, with the aim of managing these activities holistically and purposefully.

We will continue to partner with fewer and better B2B partners to reach more consumers and grow the brand further. This includes improving our B2B brand presentation and increasing controlled in-store branded spaces to enhance the consumer experience. Our conversion market strategy is also included within this pillar.