The following consensus is up to date for Dr. Martens as at 1st September 2021

Year ending March 2022
Year ending March 2023
Revenue £907m £1,054m
EBITDA £258m £305m
PBT £198m £240m
EPS 15.7p 19.0p


The above consensus is the mean average of forecasts gathered from 8 out of 8 covering sell-side analysts.

Legal disclaimer

These financial forecasts are not prepared nor endorsed by Dr. Martens in any way. Dr. Martens has no current or pending duty to verify any individual estimates, and assumes no responsibility to update, revise or otherwise comment on any of the information contained in these forecasts. It should be noted that financial forecasts are, by definition, forward looking, and are therefore subject to various risks and uncertainties which are subject to change at any time.