Doing the right thing for every generation of Docs wearers

At Dr. Martens, we have made timeless, durable products for more than six decades. As custodians of the brand, we are committed to standing by our belief in doing what is right for people and the planet - in leaving things better than we found them.

We have set ambitious long-term commitments which we are working towards across our Planet, Product, People sustainability strategy. We have a responsibility to protect our planet for the next generation and we recognise the challenges we face related to the climate crisis. As we continue our journey, our focus remains on improving our own operations and supporting our supply chain to do the same. We are also committed to creating an environment where our people can thrive and feel empowered to express themselves. We believe everyone should feel supported and included whatever their role in the Dr. Martens community.

Our sustainability strategy

Committing to leave things better than we found them

We launched our new sustainability strategy Planet, Product, People in 2022, with the guiding principle being to leave things better than we found them. We are not afraid to stand up for what we believe in, which is why sustainability underpins our DOCS strategy and is also captured as part of our brand ethos of Rebellious Self Expression. We are making strides on our journey – follow the links below to find out what we have achieved so far and where we want to go in the future. For more details, check out our Sustainability Reports.

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Working together

We recognise that in order to tackle the biggest issues, industry collaboration is key. In 2021, we committed to the Business Ambition for a 1.5 degree trajectory and have set science-based Net-Zero targets, which have been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative. This means we have joined the global agenda to limit warming to below 1.5 degrees in an effort to avoid the most serious impacts of climate change.

We are a member of Textile Exchange and we also support the global UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our strategy. The SDGs and UN Targets most relevant to us and which the work of our sustainability strategy supports are:


Relevant UN Target: 3.9

Our relevant focus area: Operations



Relevant UN Targets: 5.1, 5.2, 5.5

Our relevant focus area: DE&I, Community



Relevant UN Targets: 6.3, 6.4

Our relevant focus area: Operations



Relevant UN Targets: 8.4, 8.5, 8.7, 8.8

Our relevant focus areas: DE&I, Human Rights, Community



Relevant UN Targets: 10.2, 10.3

Our relevant focus area: DE&I, Community



Relevant UN Targets: 12.2, 12.4, 12.5, 12.6

Our relevant focus areas: Operations, Materials, Packaging, Lifecycle



Relevant UN Target: 13.2

Our relevant focus area: Climate