Our retail environment is so much more than simply transactional spaces, they are the platform for our brand vision, our values and gathering spaces for our community.

Within our sustainability programme we are re-thinking retail in a way that instils responsible behaviours across our company while offering a platform to influence our communities.

With over 60 years of history, our retail footprint has spread globally and we know that there is a lot of work to be done ahead of us, as we strive to be part of the solution. We are working to utilise sustainable materials in our stores, such as certified timber, reconditioned shop fixtures or using bespoke recycled materials. We are also aware that we must use technology to operate our stores in a smart way such as adopting best practices in energy efficient lighting, climate control and waste management. Currently 98% of our UK our stores are supplied by renewable energy – we continue to work towards achieving this in all our owned and operated sites.

This is the start of a journey for us, but we are determined to adopt best possible solutions to bring sustainability into the retail environment.

We are addressing four key areas:

Store design and procurement

Everything from the floors to our paint finishes. It all has an environmental impact. We carefully consider the longevity of the materials we use in our stores, from using recycled timber flooring through to the LED lighting systems.

Consumer facing retail

Whether it be our window displays, bags or our visual merchandising. We consider the materials used, the longevity of the props that support our campaigns, and where items are sourced from to reduce the carbon footprint where we can.

Non consumer facing retail

To achieve our goal of net zero by 2030 we are considering everything from the light fittings we use to the type of heating in store. In the UK, over 97% of the electricity we use comes from a green tariff. That includes our UK stores, offices, distribution centre and factories.

In store employee education

Making sure our colleagues know what they can do to run our stores as sustainably as possible and ensuring they can help our wearers get the most life out of their shoes.

Hang up your boots

Even the most loved boots will one day come to rest. By 2040 we are committed that all our products will have a sustainable end-of-life option. We are currently developing a strategy to make sure that our footwear doesn’t touch landfill and is disposed of (or brought back to life) responsibly. We are also committed to offering options and guidance for our wearers to maximise useable life by 2025.